Ubuntu's Remix Operating System To Square Off With Windows over Ultra Cheap Mini Laptops

Canonical, the commercial sponsor of Ubuntu, announced its plans to launch a slimmed down version of Ubuntu known as Ubuntu Linux Remix, which is based on the Ubuntu Desktop Edition and runs on low cost "netbook" computers.

This modified version has been announced in the wake of the emerging market for low-cost, flash-drive-equipped laptops and the software is specifically designed to run on these machines.

This new trimmed-down OS has been demonstrated in Taipei at the Computex expo and is presently not widely available for the system builders.

Based on the Standard Ubuntu Desktop Edition, Ubuntu Remix also has a launcher that helps its users to access the application of their choice, faster, and it helps them get on-line quickly.

This Ubuntu Remix aims at being user friendly and cost-effective and is compatible with Intel's Atom processor which is designed for smaller notebooks.

Remix will be directly available to the netbook makers and would not be available for download on the Ubuntu desktop.