Yahoo Pull More Ad Deals As War with Icahn Goes On

Yahoo made public its new advertisement deals amidst a big media blitz; Yahoo President Sue Decker stated that the new deals are to bring about a rapid change in the way display advertisings are bought and sold.

Yahoo will be selling display advertising on, distributing online videos on behalf of CBS and develop for the French ad firm Havas, a media trading platform.

The Advertising deals come at a time when Yahoo is ardently contending with Carl Icahn over the Microsoft takeover deal.

Icahn is still accusing CEO Jerry Yang and the board of directors of not keeping the shareholder’s benefit in mind when talking about a merger with Microsoft.

Microsoft had previously proposed a 33 dollar per share deal which Yahoo had declined.

The new severance package issued by Yahoo is another major area of contention between Carl Icahn and Yahoo which Icahn calls a “Poison Pill” designed to thwart Microsoft’s advances on Yahoo.

As a result, a proxy war is going on between Carl Icahn and Jerry Wang and the outcome of which will only be known at the meeting of the Board of Directors on 1 August.