3 Looks to Entice SME with Free Skype and Business Mix and Match

3 Business is beefing up its offerings by introducing a more competitive range of new deals for small businesses; the new plans, called Business Mix and match will see the introduction of new services like mobile Skype.

3, which has more than three million active users in the UK, will offer plans starting from £12.77 + VAT per month and offer 300 minutes anytime any network, 300 free 3-to-3 minutes, free Skype-to-Skype calls, free voicemail and free Instant Messenger; which roughly mirrors the price of similar consumer offerings.

Businesses will be particularly interested in Skype to Skype calls which could help them save money and time by slashing the price of international calls and by staying online all the time.

3 has also pledged to give a 25 percent discount to customers who signed for a two-year contract on top of additional potential bonuses like 2000 3-to-3 minutes, 1000 UK texts or 2000 UK landline minutes.

3 has been the first mobile phone service provider to offer a mobile broadband/mobile contract bundle and it will be particularly interesting to see whether they extend it to their business customers as well.