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ASUS EAH3850 X2 1GB Dual GPU Video Card

Later when I could have, I wasn't interested, as most of my friends that did were fairly disappointed at the results they saw from having dual video cards.

I mean, it was great, but just didn't live up to their expectations.

Earlier this year, I was in a position to try Crossfire with a pair of Radeon HD 3850s.

My first attempts were much less than satisfactory, due to the limitations of the P35 chipset. Once I finally tried it on a system with two PCI-E x16 slots, I could see some real multi-GPU goodness, but it just didn't blow me away as I had hoped.

I think that my expectations were just too high.though to be honest I really didn't know what to expect. A zillion FPS? AA x 128 capability? Clear head shots every time? I know I expected more than 1.25 x current FPS to 1.75 x current FPS depending on the game.

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