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Don’t leave Disaster Recovery and Backup to chance!

As companies become more reliant on business critical information, it becomes increasingly imperative to protect resources against unexpected loss.

Threats come in many shapes and sizes – from server maintenance to unexpected network outages to catastrophic natural disasters that can debilitate an entire building or region.

Significant emphasis is being placed on business continuity management as a way of addressing these concerns.

As part of this process, SMEs need to start taking a hard look at their IT infrastructure to ensure that data is protected and easily recoverable in the event of an unfortunate event or disaster.

Data backup and replication are two solutions that are essential to most SME’s disaster recovery plans.

When performing backup and replication, database files, control files, and other information must be transferred across the network – this is where the biggest problem arises particular for those companies that haven’t installed the right networks.

The problem is that too many companies are letting a disaster occur because they are not properly protected, they stick their heads in the sand and hope for the best, which can be disastrous.

During 2007 a major communications hub caught fire in Manchester leaving hundreds of businesses without any telephone or internet channels for weeks, not surprisingly over half the companies eventually stop trading, and most of these were SMEs without disaster recovery plans in place. Without a back up plan valuable customer data can be lost which in turn ruins brand reputation and sometimes it can even lead to bankruptcy.

It is vital therefore to look for a company that can help you resolve this problem before its too late. A company that has all the tools necessary for reliable disaster recovery can take away the headache and ensure you are full protected 24/7. It’s better to be safe now and not sorry later!