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RIM Finally Succumbs To Touchscreen Mania with Blackberry Thunder Smartphone

It feels different and resolutely posh and professional; the Blackberry Thunder emerges from a morass of iPhone clones and competitors by sticking to what it does best; helping professionals do their job on the move.

According to Boy Genius Report - which seems to get all the good leads, the brand new Touche-screen Blackberry will look like... this...

It will be available in the US on Verizon and possibly on Vodafone sometimes in the future; the keypad is gone - either love it or hate it - but the screen is what possibly sets it apart from others (as well as the lack of any visible distraction).

The Thunder will have a camera, a USB port and hopefully a 3.5-inch Headset jack; No confirmed release dates although Q3 availability will be a safe bet.

How will Blackberry aficionados react to the death of the keyboard? Will RIM do some compromises when it comes to adapting its User Interface to a Touchscreen environment? Will there be a version with a slide-out keyboard? Stay tune for more...

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