Spam More Critical Than Security for Social Networkers

Social networkers across Europe are three times more frustrated by spam and advertising (36%), than the security of their personal information (11%), according to research by Mobile Services Specialist, Wadja.

The research of 500 social networkers across Europe into mobile living and mobile social networking also indicates that almost a fifth (19%) are frustrated by not being able to contact their friends on other social networks.

Alex Christoforou, Managing Director at Wadja comments: "Most social networks are too restrictive, with applications and features designed to be used by close circles of friends."

"Users are fed up with these barriers and will soon be able to take their profile and friends from site to site to get the best tools and applications on the web."

The research also indicates irritation with the amount of applications on sites affecting usability, with social networkers citing profiles being too complicated and taking too long to load (14%). Having too many games and applications (7%) are also key concerns.

Other findings from the research into the mobile trends of the future include:
- 32% of social networkers believe mobiles will be used to alert users to friends or family in the vicinity.
- 17% believe they will be used to take lessons and lectures.
- Dating is the least popular, with only 5% saying mobiles will be used for pre-date screening.