Virgin Media and BPI join forces against illegal file sharing on P2P networks

In a move to curb the illegal music file sharing across the peer-to-peer (P2P) networks, Virgin Media in collaboration British Phonographic Institute (BPI) is all set to launch a campaign against the alleged users.

Those users who are at fault will receive two letters from Virgin, one it’s own, and the other from the BPI, warning them to stop the illegal sharing; otherwise they may face the legal actions.

The campaign will be launched on the 10-week trial basis.

BPI will provide the information about the offender to Virgin, on the basis of which the subsequent actions will be taken.

More than six million accounts are indulged in unauthorized sharing across P2P networks, BPI reported.

The campaign is primarily meant to educate the people about the illicit sharing and help them to enjoy music, without breaching the rights of music companies.