Wikia Introduces Do It Yourself, Rate and Comment Functionalities to Revamped Search

Wikia Search has introduced a set of innovative features that are designed to ensure a greater control by users over their search results.

With the changes announced on Tuesday, the users can comment on, edit, delete and add search results.

Formerly known as Wikicities, Wikia in January had earlier launched an alpha version that attracted 20,000 users, 60,000 edits and about 25,000 mini articles.

The company expects that a greater user involvement and more interactive searches will be made possible with the recent changes.

The sites, images and texts can be previewed from the search results listings.

The additional option to search using other search engines such as Yahoo and Google is just one click away.

Other improvements along with the "activity" feeds have also been added to the profile pages by Wikia Search so that the recent changes can be displayed and discussed by the people.

Like Wikipedia, all edits and changes are listed by Wikia Search.

With these interactive features, Wikia Search seeks to become a popular option in the list of the existing search engines such as Google, Microsoft and Yahoo.