Cyber Fraud Booming In UK According To Government Report

The Serious Organized Crime Agency (SOCA) has unveiled shocking news that the fraudsters are tricking the call center employees to extract bank account information.

Its recent report reveals that several illegal international groups are involved in hijacking of bank accounts by using email phishing and key logging malware.

The fraudsters deceive the web surfers through emails that may appear genuine but are aimed at acquiring the personal information like the details of the user’s bank account.

The fraudsters send spam mails on the net that secretively installs key logging malware on the users system, that allows the hackers to steal all the necessary information required to hack the system.

The report also suggests that the online business has also given way to the increasing risk of online fraud.

Most of the business is being conducted online, and this has boomed the market of stolen data, thereby giving rise to hacking and phishing.

SOCA also warned that a group of skilled professionals is involved behind the crimes.

The sudden outbreak of cyber crime network has now become a major threat for UK.