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New Apple iPhone : Smaller, Better, Faster and Cheaper

What's not to love with the new iPhone.. As if the last version was not bad enough for the rest of the competition, the new iPhone stands head and shoulders above the rest and sets a new standard that will be hard to follow especially if Apple gives its nod to a £100 UK pricing.

The device's price will start at $199 and, thanks to its 3G connectivity, will be twice as fast as the original version; the new iPhone will also be cheaper at $199 while the 16GB version will cost $299, although you will have to sign up for a new AT&T rate plan.

The new iPhone is also thinner and boost full GPS functionality as well as compatibility with Microsoft's Exchange server; it also swaps the existing brushed metal backside for a black plastic cover and smoother edges - because this would help improve the poor reception that hampered the first iPhone.

The 133g smartphone will also be available in white (for the 16GB model only) and digital camera resolution remains at 2.0 megapixels, although photo geo-tagging has been added.

Apple also seems to be secretly planning to take on the Nintendo DS and the PSP with a slew of games - like the Sega's Super Monkey Ball and Kroll - that should be launched in the next few weeks.

Sales of the initial iPhone device were let down by its high price given that they were not subsidised by operators as it is normally the case; 11th of July has already been announced as the launch date for UK and Ireland.

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