Ofcom To Auction Available UHF Spectrum In 2009

Office of Communications (Ofcom), has finally decided to utilize the bandwidth left in Ultra High Frequency (UHF) band, thereby pointing to a large switch over to digital televisions in future.

UHF band is used for transferring large amount of data through large distances, which is a pre-requisite for analogue televisions.

Ofcom mentioned that the bandwidth will be productively extracted to deliver innovative services to UK citizens, including ultra-speed mobile broadband, mobile TV or an improved version of digital televisions.

The regulator plans to auction 128 MHz of cleared spectrum in 2009 and the spectrum will be made available in 2012, till the digital switch over proceeds through.

The spectrum will be released in a manner to enhance competition and innovation, ensuring accessibility of a broad range of technologies and services to the spectrum, Ofcom said.

The licenses will be tradeable which will facilitate the user in determining the kind of services they offer.

In order to maintain a healthy competition, Ofcom will limit the amount of bandwidth acquired by any organization, and it will also check the interference of emerging services in existing services.