Opera adding anti-malware to its browser

I was interested to see that Opera is working on version 9.5 of its increasingly popular alternative browser of the same name, and has confirmed reports that the version will include an anti-malware system as a standard, integrated, feature.

Opera v9.5 is in beta test release and, as with earlier versions, includes anti-phishing technology as standard.

The anti-malware version, however, will warn users when they're about to visit a site that's a known malware host or has been hacked to serve up Trojan horses, worms and other malware.

This anti-malware feature is being provided by HauteSecure and is, says Opera, quite different in its approach than Firefox.

The Haute Secure-delivered system, says Opera, is different in that it drills down to the page level and integrates user-provided information on hacked Web sites.

It's worth noting that HauteSecure already offers a free toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.

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