Web And Email SAAS Adoption Driven By Simplicity Says Research

Security provider Webroot released the details of a research identifying the drivers behind the rapid growth of security SaaS (Software as a Service).

Simplified management, improved effectiveness and lower total cost of ownership are fuelling the adoption of E-mail and Web security SaaS solutions in particular, driven by the dramatic increase in malware and spam.

36% of businesses participating in the survey identified that their business had insufficient expertise in web and email security.

Consequently, many respondents associated SaaS with an overall improvement in the effectiveness of email and web resources, with this factor identified as the second main driver for acquiring security SaaS.

Although the industry was worth over £17 billion in 2006 and is set to expand to £38 billion by 2011, cost remains an ever-present issue, with SMBs in particular looking for an economic solution to perimeter security. Indeed the lower total cost of ownership of SaaS versus either software or hardware was identified as the third main driver for acquisition.

Other key drivers include the potential to reduce the burden on internal resources, the ability to acquire multiple solutions (e.g., antispam, AV, archiving) via a single service and the availability of better quality information to end-users and administrators alike.

The potential to reclaim corporate bandwidth through use of an ‘in the cloud’ service and the attraction of an online email archiving service for business continuity also featured prominently amongst respondents.