Bedfordshire rozzer site downed by hackers

I was mildly amused to see a report over on the Inquirer that the Bedfordshire rozzers' Web site was knackered (that's a technical term -Ed) yesterday by unknown hackers.

The reason for the site downing remains to be confirmed, but it looks like a serious hack owing the hacker message which was left on page one of the site.

I'm a tad amused as I remember going to a Cable and Wireless event in the early 1990s at which the telco told the reptiles of the press (that's me folks) about how the Police network was completely separate to the civvy network, including the fledgeling IP network that was operational at that stage.

The Inquirer reckons the site was hosted externally to the Police network, but I have my doubts having done a DNS lookup and simple traceroute.

The fact that the hackers were able to hack into a site maintained on the Police side of the Internet is potentially very worrying. Major accident computer plans anyone?...