BT Slashes Broadband Package Prices To Boost Marketshare

BT has reduced the introductory prices of its popular BT Total Broadband to attract more new customers and boost its user base.

BT Total Broadband options 1,2 and 3 have been reduced to £4.95, £10.99 and £15.99 per month respectively for the first three months; a reduction of £3 per month for each package.

This reduction is available until further notice if new customers order online at the BT Broadband homepage but only until 30 June if they order by phone.

Obviously, existing customers will still be paying the same bill while customers signing for the new contract can expect to save at most £9.

BT bundles free internet voice calls, free video calls, free storage of valuable files, free wireless access and a suite of security software, all brought together through the BT Home Hub.

And, if customers add BT Vision to their order at the same time as they order BT Total Broadband online, they get a free BT Home Hub even if they order Option 1, where the Hub is normally not included.

Also everyone who orders BT Vision gets a free V-box, the digital TV recorder that gives access to 70 Freeview TV and radio channels; pause, rewind and recording up to 80 hours of TV, as well as on-demand programming.

BT's broadband packages all carry transfer limits and speeds of up to 8mbps.