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Google Gets Monopolistic, Eyes 90% Of UK Search Market

Google increases its market share in the UK by 10 points in one year while rivals experienced a slump.

Market analyst Hitwise revealed that the market share of searches by Google UK grew by 10 points to reach 87.30%, all in the course on one year.

The revelation of search market share is important as it shows which search engine is more favorable for selling advertisements.

Google UK’s closest rival Yahoo UK fell by 8.6 percent to 4 percent; Microsoft also experienced a drop, to settle with 3.72 percent of the market share while Ask fared no better as it too plummeted to 3.07%.

However, the market share for Google in US is growing at a slower pace, from 65.1% to 68.3% in one year.

Nevertheless the Internet firm is bound to increase its domination unless rivals Yahoo and Microsoft make a radical change in their strategies.

It is common to see such market control in sectors where there is strong technological competition however it is interesting to see such gains for Google where users can easily move to another search options.