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iPhone 3G coming soon - bye-bye hackers?

So, as widely expected, Apple has finally unveiled its worst-kept secret for years, the 3G version of the iPhone, which is being shipped next month in the UK.

As well as offering good meaty data transfer speeds to mobile Internet users, courtesy of the O2 3G network, the phones are being offered at sensibly subsidised rates on contract, as well as to pre-pay punters for the first time.

In parallel with all of this, Apple has finally ditched the stupid activate at home/office system for the iPhone 3G, which turned out to be a hacker/unlocker's charter, as you could buy a 2G handset without

handing over your details and unlock it for free.

There will still be unlockers, of course, but not on anywhere the scale we've seen so far.

Myself, I can't wait to see what bargain price the 2G iPhone will be knocked out at. Yes, the handset doesn't do 3G data or satnav, but I can live with the WiFi connectivity - and use my TomTom - if the

price is right.

My current O2 contract is up this October as well, so I'm looking forward to negotiating with the sales droids closer to that date on a new handset.

Oh yes indeedy...