Rumour : Microsoft Gets Ready To Unleash Office 2009 Next Year

New hints have risen from the depths of the internet that point to a 2009 release date for the next Office 14 business suite on which Microsoft has been particularly coy when it comes to revealing more details.

Someone at Microsoft (apparently called Ludo) shared more details that s/he would normally be allowed to over a Podcasting feature in the forthcoming Microsoft Sharepoint application.

According to Mary Foley from ZDnet, an accompanying Question and Answers session mentions a SharePoint 2009 product - the Q&A has since been edited and any references to this forthcoming product.

Back in February 2007, a leaked presentation slide showed that Microsoft spent almost USD 1 billion annually on research and development for Office 2009, which is 20 percent more than for Office 207.

A limited Technological Preview of Office 2009 is said to be circulating amongst Microsoft testers and a community technology preview should follow by late 2008.

And bets are already on as to whether Microsoft would be adventurous enough to release Windows 7 and Office 2009 simultaneously.