Telcos Will Bring Free Mobile Broadband Soon Says Expert

2008 has already been hailed as the year of the mobile broadband and it is not surprising that tens of thousands of those little USB dongles have been sold since January.

Jessica McArdle from Top 10 Broadband reckons that free mobile broadband could become commonplace as early as 2009 as Internet Service Providers and Mobile phone companies battle to grapple their rivals' customers.

Just like Talktalk and Tiscali are offering free landline-based broadband when purchasing their phone services, mobile phone packages could also be flanked with a free dongle.

Mobile Phone Provider Three is already offering a free mobile broadband dongle on some deals and charges customers on a Pay as You Go basis.

Prices in the mobile broadband sector have fallen faster than their landline counterparts - packages normally start at £15, down from £45 only two years ago.

Speeds have improved markedly with the introduction of HSDPA and better national coverage.

The next step would also mean that a new generation of phones should be able to function as 3G modems and connect to laptops wirelessly.

McArdle is also betting on Mobile broadband Long Term Evolution (LTE) to improve mobile spectral efficiency, improve quality and most importantly reduce data handling costs.