UK Workers Spend Eight Hours Per Week On Personal Web Browsing

Using the web at work for personal reasons is costing £10.6bn per year to the economy of UK but is a positive thing, says The confederation of British Industry (CBI) which represents more than 2000 companies and other leading UK organisations.

A survey conducted taking into account around 500 companies brought forth the fact that every week about one and a half hours are spend by a office worker surfing the web for personal reasons which constitutes 4.4 % of their working span.

While a handful of the companies try to avoid such behavior, most of them are tolerant considering it as a deserving perk that might be motivational to the employees.

The employers understand the role that internet plays in the everyday life and don't mind the time and money spent on personal web use as long as the work does not get affected.

Personal web use can pose a threat when the staff spends too much of their working time online, downloading software and porn or jeopardizing the reputation of the organization.

It was revealed that an employee was disciplined for internet misuse by one third of the survey respondents and close to13 percent surveyed reported dismissing someone for continuous misuse.