Apple Releases Security Patches For Quicktime Flaws

Apple Inc has released important security updates for its QuickTime multimedia which are designed to prevent remote hackers from compromising the affected computers.

The new patches are expected to fix QuickTime’s handing of PICT image file so that memory overflow does not take place; a hacker can easy manipulate a computer with memory overflow.

Another important update includes mending QuickTime's use of AAC-encoded media content that allows a hacker to exploit the user through malicious files.

Apple has patched up QuickTime’s vulnerability against malicious URLs which upon playing could allow hackers to access the user’s PC.

The last patch is to fix the problems with QuickTime handling Indeo video codec; the codec can host malicious movie files that can allow any hacker access to the system.

QuickTime users can download the new QuickTime version from the Apple website if they use Windows while Mac users can get the download automatically through a Software Update.