BT Launches the Broadband Challenge : Faster Internet Or Your Money Back

Telco giant BT has launched a new service that will hopefully try to alleviate the problem of slow internet that affect so many web users across UK.

BT promises that their internet service will be boosted by at least 0.5mbps or they will get their money back, all £90 of it, although the cost increases by £60 for every additional hour that the engineer stays at your place.

The visit includes looking at the telephone wiring, ADSL modem location and the general status of your computer

Just like Microsoft's with its Onecare security service, BT's Broadband Accelerator service only works on the company's own platform i.e. BT's own copper phone network; no luck for those using unbundled ISPs or cable.

However, many have pointed out to the fact that this seems to be a fairly expensive service that BT should have provided for free to their customers in the first place.

Indeed, there are many resources online where users can find step by step guides to improving their internet connectivity for free.

The other option being obviously to move from BT to another service provider.

A few weeks ago, BT also announced that it would start selling a nifty little £10 gadget called the iPlate which could increase broadband speeds by 1.5mbps on average.