Caller ID spoofing arrives in the UK - and leaves?

I was intrigued to read on El Reg yesterday that a number of people are getting jiggy about a new caller ID service in the UK called Spookcall.

The service, available on the Web site of the same name, apparently allows you to generate any caller ID you want on UK-bound calls, and costs a fiver for every ten minutes.

Except that, following a flurry of news reports overnight, the domain seems to have gone walkabout this afternoon.

Traceroute-ing the domain name seems to cop out when the connection reaches, a set of servers based in Lithuania, of all places, whilst the domain name appears to be registered to a private individual in Glasgow, with tech support provided by a second person in Stockport.

Curious stuff eh?

In actual fact, it's been possible for some time to spoof a caller ID to a UK number by punting calls through the US and taking an innovative approach to generating the caller ID by putting the 44 country code at head of the spoofed caller ID.

Given the fact that Ofcom and the government appear to be breathing down the necks of Spookcall, it's hardly surprising the servers have been taken offline. I wonder what will happen next?...