European Union To Increase Support For Open Source Movement

While delivering a speech at an Open Forum Europe event, European commissioner Neelie Kroes suggested that availability of open alternatives in the field of technology should be encouraged so that no company or citizen is compelled to access government information through the technology of a particular company.

Kroes does not want the commission to be trapped by any particular vendor.

The commissioner proclaimed that though the new technology is aimed at attacking the monopoly of a particular technology company, but it will not compromise with the standards.

The basic idea is to refute closed standards and becoming enslaved by a particular technology or company.

Some time back also, the European Union took the same task on the new technology thereby pushing Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), due to which Europeans switched to cell phones more rapidly than the US citizen.

Kores also said that for all future procurements procedures and IT developments, it is important for the European Union to support open source products and well maintained standards.