Microsoft Promotes Windows Server 2008 As A Power Saver OS

Microsoft's new Windows Server promises to reduce the consumption of power by about 10 percent

The power consumption between two installations was compared and it was found that Windows Server 2003 consumed more power than Windows Server 2008.

Microsoft estimated that the newly launched Windows Server 2008, even when running with 20 clients, can save over $30 annually in power price.

In addition to the existing features, the company also boasts the major component of the newly launched server that is, virtualization.

With the introduction of virtualization in its latest Windows Server 2008, Microsoft has widened the opportunities of running virtual machines without consuming more power.

The company claims that though the server is not embedded with a Hypervisor, it has the capacity to be virtualized with latest technologies from various software companies like Citrix or Vmware.

With sky rocketing electricity prices, processors are getting even hungrier for power, the introduction of Microsoft's new power saving software has provided a sigh of relief to the customers.