Red Hat Simmers Downs Patent Claims

Red Hat proclaims that it has settled down all the existing claims against it that were brought against by DataTern and Firestar, related to database interfacing.

Reports suggest that Firestar sued Red Hat in the year 2006 for infringement claims linked with a patent.

All the rights regarding the patent were later handed over to DataTern, which continued the suit that was brought against Red Hat by Firestar.

However Red Hat always denied any cheating or wrongdoing on its part, and chose to take the case to the courtroom.

Nevertheless the case was not taken to the court, because Red Hat decided to settle it outside the courtroom.

The Vice President of Red Hat said that the company has settled the patent law suit not only for its own benefits but for the sake of the trust that its customers placed in their work, and also for the never-ending support of open source community.

According to the settlement Red Hat customers and developers are protected against future patent suits by DataTern.