Seven Crucial System Glitches Fixed By Microsoft Overnight

Microsoft has set off seven security patches to its users for the security update for the month of June.

Microsoft has issued security advisories on a number of technologies that include the Bluetooth, internet explorer, DirectX, Microsoft Speech, Pragmatic General Multicast (PGM) protocol and Windows Internet Name Service (WINS).

Four out of seven vulnerabilities tackled existing flaw in the Bluetooth stack implementation that makes the computer vulnerable of being exploited without user action.

Apart from the update, three information bulletins were released by Microsoft which is considered important for user safety.

The bulletins continue to elaborate on the list of flaws that already exist with PGM, WINS and Active Directory that affects a great number of Windows versions.

The Active Directory and PGM errors can utilized for denial-of-service attacks and can offer an access to a number of privileges to the attackers.

Unfortunately, the security update does not include any solution for the last month's "carpet bomb" error on the critical Apple Safari.

Quick installation of the update is highly recommended by the Microsoft and by many security experts, though the exploitation of the vulnerabilities has not yet taken place.