Symantec And Citrix Team Up For Virtualization

Veritas, the storage arm of Symantec announced a union of Citrix XenServer virtualization technology along with Veritas Storage Foundation.

With this move Symantec’s data storage possibilities have increased; the end result of the venture will be called Veritas Virtual Infrastructure.

The product will allow all important storage management features that are required by the enterprise users along with block-based mirroring across heterogeneous arrays, storage-area network multipathing, and direct management of block storage at guest virtual servers.

The Veritas Virtual Infrastructure will permit users to utilize common and shared boot images through many virtual servers.

It can increase the frequency for storage as users can deal out from single storage pool, else, when needed.

Through Crix, Veritas can use Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service to get shots of applications running on the virtual machine.

Veritas also announced the launch of Veritas NetBackup RealTime to protect the data backed up at the servers.

Because of the launch of Veritas Virtual Infrastructure, virtualization management tools are becoming in vogue now.