Asus EEE PC 901/1000 Series Finally Make Arrives In UK

The original Asus EEE PC opened the flood gates that brought the ultra cheap, ultra portable laptops; while no longer revolutionary, the EEE PC 901 and PC 1000 have been expected with no less enthusiasm.

They are both build using Intel's new 1.6GHz Atom processor and will go on sale on the 1st of July - expect plenty of stock everywhere.

The new EEE PC will offer screen size ranging from 8.9-inch to 10-inch displays and will be equipped with a "Super Hybrid Engine" technology that allows battery life of almost eight hours.

All three will be equipped with 802.11n wireless connectivity and have 20GB SSD storage which can be backed up to a 20GB online web storage courtesy of Yo Store; data there will be encrypted and will be available to both Linux and Windows users.

The 1000h will have a 80GB hard disk drive instead and comes complete with Windows XP.

The new generation of EEE PC will face new challenges though; launched at well above £300, the laptops will be challenged by similar products from MSI (The wind), Carphone Warehouse (The Netbook), Acer (Aspire One) and many lesser known.