Hell Freezes as AMD Partners With Intel Over Havok's Physics

The expression "enemy’s enemy is my friend" fits perfectly to the scenario that saw arch-rivals Intel and AMD collaborate to eliminate third party Nvidia in the field of Physics Computing.

AMD publicly declared that it will be working together with Havok, which is owned by Intel, to bring its deadliest foe's technology onto its own platform.

In doing so, AMD has deliberately sidelined Nvidia, which it considers to be a greater rival to its lucrative graphics group, ATI.

In the press release sent to signal the agreement, Rick Bergman, senior VP and GM of AMD’s Graphics Products Group said that “By working with the clear market leader in physics software, AMD can optimize our platforms to consistently deliver the best possible visual experience to the gamer.”

Havoc is expected to own 75 percent of the nascent Physics market with Nvidia-owned Ageia occupying the rest.

ATI/AMD has had its chance of purchasing either Havoc or Ageia but because, of financial constraints, could not go ahead with its plans.