LG Touts its Flatron W2252TE as "World's Most eco-friendly" Monitor

Green is all hip it seems; Korean manufacturer came up with a monitor which it is pitching as the world's most eco-friendly monitor which undercuts the power consumption of similar 22-inch LCD monitors by almost half, at a puny 40w (that's less than a conventional light bulb).

The W2252TE does not cut corners though as its contrast ratio is rated at 10000:1 in movie mode, one of the highest ever reached by a LCD monitor; it also boosts an impressive 2ms response time and a 250cd m2 brightness ratio.

LG Marketing Manager Fiona Landsberg commented on the release saying that "With the ever increasing time spent by consumers on computers these days, there is a need for products that are more energy efficient".

Mind you though, the monitor is not totally green as it still comes with chemicals and compounds that do harm the environment.

The 1680x1050 native resolution means that it is perfect for watching HD-ready movies; now it would be great if LG released a 24-inch version of this baby which would be full HD compatible AND save the world.

The monitor will be on sale as from August and pricing has not yet been announced.