Opera 9.5 Browser Goes Live; Puts Security In Limelight

Opera might be a distant third in the web browser race but it still counts for hardcore computer geeks as the only one which can/could fit on a single floppy disk (remember that?); version 9.5 has been launched and the major improvement is an inbuilt anti-malware.

Opera 9.5 also brings in improved speed, stability as well as a slick, updated user interface as well as the popular "speed dial" default page and is currently the only mainstream browser that offers an integrated e-mail and bit-torrent clients.

The security feature was brought forward from Haute Secure, a Seattle-based company founded by four ex-Microsoft employees and which has been designed from ground up as being highly economical when it came to bandwidth.

Haute's list of dangerous websites is compiled from its own web spidering process as well additional help from the likes of Spamhaus and Phistank.com.

Opera 9.5, which can be downloaded here for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, solves nearly than 2400 bugs found in the previous versions and closes three critical security holes.

Opera has already started working on the next version of Opera, Peregrine, which has been named after the world's fastest animal, the Peregrine Falcon, which can reach up to 322 km/h.