Prepare Your Modem : Firefox Wants To Set A World Download Record On Tuesday 17th

With Firefox 3 RC3 just out, the Mozilla Foundation is getting ready for one of its most ambitious challenges, setting a Guinness World Record for software downloads in 24 hours next Tuesday (ed: I thought Microsoft already held this record with Windows Updates).

Mozilla hopes to manage a respectable average of 67,000 downloads per hour and it has already managed to receive 1.15 million pledges on its Spread Firefox page.

More than 46,000 people have promised to download the browser in the UK but that compares badly with Polish Firefox partisans; nearly 81,000 of them will download Firefox next week.

Mozilla will also hold a special party on its campus and has asked users worldwide to do the same on Tuesday the 17th.

Firefox's coming of age will pile pressure on Microsoft which should be releasing another beta of Internet Explorer 8 fairly soon.

Firefox 3 brings onboard a slew of new features like smart zooming as well 15,000 adjustments and improvements.