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Skype says it has not complied with court wiretap requests

Now here's an interesting yarn - a number of newswire reports say that Skype has admitted it is unable to comply with a number of court-authorised wiretapping requests in the US. But why is this?

According to, its survey of communications companies and their approach to privacy on instant messages and like, has revealed Skype's apparent shortcomings on the legal front.

As puts it: "Skype doesn't say it hasn't received any requests to perform live interception of phone calls, just that nobody's asked them for Skype-to-Skype communication."

This seems to imply that Skype-In and Skype-Out - where calls enter the Skype network from the PSTN (and vice versa) - are tappable, but Skype-Skype calls are not.

But it's not entirely clear whether Skype has the technical capability to eavesdrop on Skype-Skype calls if it wanted to.

As says: "Since Skype is a `black box,' there is no way to know if there's a backdoor of sorts to tap into a client and copy the voice stream to somewhere else or any way to know if such a process

was occurring."

So it isn't a case of Skype being unable to comply with a wiretap request on a Skype-Skype call, just that no-one has asked the company to perform one.

Which is about as a clear as mud.

Have a great weekend everyone...