Laptop Theft Triggers Embarassing Statement From UK Police Force

A laptop, which belonged to deputy chieft constable fo Avon and Somerset Rob Beckley, was stolen from a car in London; that would be a fairly minor incident had it not been the fact DCC Beckley has access to sensitive counter-terrorist data.

It is thought that the Beckley's driver was "distracted" by one thief while another snapped the laptop, which is believed to be Mr Beckley's own personal computer.

It remains to be seen whether the laptop's data was encrypted or protected by a similar security solution or not; On Saturday, the BBC reported that the computer "had encryption software on it and that police computer systems used multiple passwords".

A contrario, Friday's Daily Mail said that "none of the information accessible from the machine is encrypted"; although the Avon and Somerset Police issued a statement to reassure the public that no harm had been done.

The news emerged the day after documents describing Al-Qaeda operations were found on a commuter train in London.