MySpace Goes In For A Sleek Web 2.0esque Makeover

MySpace has made an announcement to give a face-lift to its website and has also promised to introduce improved set of features.

The set of top-line navigation tools will be cut down to five, and the rest of the tabs will be delegated to the drop-down menu.

Major changes will be made in the Home Page, Profile Editor, Search, Flash Player and Splash Page.

The Flash video player in MySpaceTV will ensure easier controls and a truly full screen mode as well as support for High definition content (ed: ISPs will certainly complain)

MySpace is going to roll out a radical improved search that will gel well with an overall clean user interface.

The Splash page of the site will also be relaunched, that will allow the United States users to view the takeover of a branded Splash Page, sponsored by “major advertiser”.

MySpace claims that every month this widely known social networking site witnesses around 115million visitors, with more than half coming from America.