National Express Frees Wireless Internet At York Station

Free Wireless Internet Access is coming to York Station courtesy of Train Operator, National Express East Coast and thanks to CityScape and Icomera.

By logging onto the network identified by the SSID "nxecwifi_YORK", users inside the station can roam the net for free, potentially reaching over 10 million rail passengers in a year.

The company had pioneered free internet access for all its customers on every National Express East Coast train since last December and experienced a four fold increase in the first month alone since this was introduced throughout the lines.

It would have been interesting to find out whether this translated into happier customers and increased customers.

Steve Soards, National Express East Coast, Station manager for York, greeted the announcement with enthusiasm saying: "A major advantage of choosing the train over alternatives such as driving or flying is the ability to stay connected to the internet throughout the journey."