O2 Partners With BT Over iPhone Hotspots Access

iPhone - new and old - will get access to BT OpenZone hotspots as well as The Cloud ones from the 11th of July; this will bring the number of WiFi hotspots available to iPhone users to more than 9,000 across UK.

As part of their monthly tariff, they will be able to roam around wirelessly for free on BT's Openzone Premier WiFi hotspots; there is a fair usage policy although a spokesperson for O2 has highlighted the fact that as long as the iPhone is used for personal use, there will be no limits.

Obviously, this includes no heavy video streaming, no voice over IP, no phone-as-a-modem scheme and definitely no P2P on your iPhone.

iTouch users should also be able to use BT OpenZone; although this has not been specifically addressed in the agreement since the iTouch is not sold by O2.

Commenting on the partnership, O2's Head honcho Ronan Dunne said: "By working with partners like BT Openzone we can maximise the web experience for iPhone customers."

Back in October 2007, BT signed an agreement with FON and launched BT FON by flashing FON's firmware on all BT Total broadband Wi-Fi router and it is not known whether iPhone users will be allowed to use BT FON network as well.