Specialist Publisher introduces “Golden Rules” On Online Etiquettes

Etiquette Guide Publisher Debrett's published a guide for “sociable social networking” that offers suggestions on everything ranging from posting photographs to “poking” and expunging someone from your friends list.

The guide was introduced after a research that was conducted by Orange which revealed, that around two-third of the social networkers are perplexed as to how they should behave online.

Jo Bryant, who is an etiquette adviser from Debrett's, suggests that one should not forget one's traditional etiquettes when online and he also advised that even the unwanted friend requests should be treated with respect and kindness.

The guide also suggests that, it is not important to be friends with unknown people, but it is good to be patient and wait for some time, before striking out the requests.

Debrett's advised that the users should not interfere in others social life and they should be very careful before posting pictures, as such a practice may offend the feelings of their friends.

Jo Bryant further added that the social networking should not be aimed at complicating existing situations; it should rather complement your existing social life.