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Survey reveals that Mobile Phone Threaten Desk Phones in Businesses

A street poll of over 200 London Workers carried out by Mobile Telephony company GoHello showed that nearly 90 per cent would choose mobile phones as their preferred choice of phone for business use.

With over half of respondents (55 per cent) also finding their mobile the easiest handset to use, it shows a slow and gradual shift away from desktop phones and makes good business sense to allow employees to use just one phone in and out the office.

Despite the positive reaction to the mobile, 73 per cent of respondents still claimed that they would be hesitant to totally dispose of their office desk phone just yet.

These findings suggest that many felt that the mobile does not yet replace the functionality of the office desk phone, even though the majority of respondents would keep their mobile if given the choice.

A quarter of respondents would love to throw their office phone in the bin and use their mobile exclusively – more evidence that the mobile is a clear favourite among employees who would prefer to use their mobile in the office over and above all other phones.

Skype and other VoIP systems barely registered in the poll (just one per cent chose it as their favourite and no one thought it was easier to use than their mobile or desk phone).

But the move to a wireless office is still hampered by the fact that mobile phones are always seen as an inherently expensive item compared to classic desk phones.

Furthermore, having one mobile phone would mean that employees would need to either replace their own with a company one or use two separate mobile phones.

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