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World's First Phone Projector Copies iPhone Interface

It is a candy bar phone that looks tame and uninspiring... However, this ChinaKing phone hides a projector that can display a 30-inch display for two hours without a charge.

Granted that the images will appear pixelated - the 640x480 pixels resolution won't help - but it is a real technological feat that this Chinese firm has achieved.

The phone will use a LCoS-based projector which requires less battery juice and cooling than current projector technology.

However, one company which will almost certainly call upon lawyers to stop the phone, is Apple. The Cking user interface is way too iPhone-esque not to attract unwanted attention from Apple's lawyers.

The Cking will also feature a couple of speakers as well as what appears to be two HDMI or USB ports.

No further details have been released although it looks like it won't have a digital camera.

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