Becta's Open Source Contract To Alpha Plus Outrages Other Bidders

The UK government’s leading IT advisory body for education Becta's decision to award the contract for Open Source Promotion Project to an inexperienced consultancy left rival bidders fuming.

Mark Tylor, the Chief Executive of Sirius, an enterprise support company, has written an open letter on the name of Becta, charging it of “cronyism” and “political sleaze”.

Mark Tylor claims that the project cannot work out properly, as the consultancy that has been awarded with the contract is incapable of handling open source project.

Contrary to this, John Winkley, the operational director of The Alpha Plus consultancy, assured that their consultancy had done several other projects with Becta before.

He admitted that though the Alpha Plus is not a specialist but it does have some experience of working in open source.

Reports suggest that the project is aimed at creating a community of schools that will make use of open source software to simplify the support of appropriate software and sourcing.

Becta proclaimed that Alpha Plus managed to reach on top, but considering the nature of work, they may need the involvement of other educational parties to complete the project.