Bloggers Worldwide Face Prison For Voicing Their Opinions

Bloggers risk facing jail time and arbitrary arrests by governments which feel threatened by their growing influence on the masses according to a report by the University of Washington which has been monitoring the number of bloggers jailed in the last five years.

Since 2003, dozens of people have been imprisoned because of what they have written on their blogs and with the forthcoming elections in China, US and Pakistan, the World Information Access (WIA) report reckons that the number of blogger arrests will surge massively and says that it is underestimating the number of arrests taking place.

For example, the report said that it could not prove that 344 people, many of them bloggers, were arrested in the recent uprising in Burma.

China, Egypt and Iran account for more than half of the blogger arrests made since the records started, with the average prison sentence reaching 15 months and the longest sentence being 8 years.