BT’s 21CN adds an extra lane to the comms highway

Microscope has published an article about BT’s expansion of Ethernet availability on networks in its latest printed edition pointing to the fact that the 21CN will undoubtedly provide resellers with a wealth of opportunities.

It has the potential to act as a catalyst to drive other technology revolutions, such as the infant holistic security market (convergence of physical and logical security onto the IP network) as it means businesses can feel more confident about adding further traffic to their WANs.

BT’s 21CN also offers improvements in the quality and scope of VOIP and Video over IP services which enables a much ‘greener’ way of working.

With commuting costs soaring, more and more organisations are looking to other means of communication. With greater ethernet availability organisations can really begin to benefit from this type of technology presenting a great revenue opportunity for the channel.”

Demand for WAN monitoring/management/acceleration products will remain strong as increases in bandwidth availability will always herald an increase in bandwidth hungry applications and services on the network.

The Channel's belief in the long term demand for WAN management products was evidenced recently with Blue Coat’s acquisition of Packeteer. (Disclaimer : COMPUTERLINKS distributes both Packeteer and Blue Coat products).