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Gary McKinnon - the case reaches the Lords

Interesting to see - from a legal perspective of course - that the legal wagon train surrounding Gary McKinnon - the uber-computer guru who cracked the Pentagon's IT systems - has reached the House of Lords this week.

The case, of course, is all about whether Gary can be extradited to the United States and his lawyers are now busy arguing that the US has abused the process by making threats about what will happen to him if he does not agree to plead guilty.

His lawyer, Karen Todner, was quoted on the newswires yesterday as saying that negotiations took place at the US embassy in which it was said that if he would go voluntarily to the US and plead guilty, they would go for a minimum sentence and allow him to be repatriated.

"But if he did not agree, they would not allow him to repatriated," she added.

McKinnon's legal team - as is quite correct - will argue that this is an abuse of the process.

And quite rightly so. The number of times that the US legal bigwigs have attempted to steamroller foreign jurisdictions into striking a deal is astonishing.

In many ways it's cases like these that create a lot of anti-American sentiment and also cause problems for the US in other areas.

Myself, I hope that Gary does win his case over extradition, as he seems a pleasant enough chap.

I'd better not say any more though, otherwise I'll be had up for contempt of court...