Internet Has Potential To Make Marketing Ubiquitous, Available And Direct

Spam is not the only way Direct Marketing could impact on our lives; Lisa Turner, marketing director at the Institute of Direct Marketing (IDM), posits that Businesses, big and small are now fully capable of taking advantage of Direct marketing's potential.

Ms Turner argues that "'Direct marketing used to be just one of these techniques: now, with email and the web, everything has the potential to be direct marketing", using TV adverts that display their email addresses or their URL as an example.

Direct Marketing, she understands, would give a shot in the arm to many traditional direct marketing techniques and change the way direct marketing - which is said to generate around £125 million worth of Sales in the UK - is applied in the real world.

And according to a survey by the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing receives a much better feedback than many businesses tend to believe, the percentage of actual positive response being almost twice as much as the perceived positive response (33 percent vs 18 percent).