Koolspan unveils GSM cryptocard

Now here's something that will (not) go down a storm at the Security Services, a microSD card that allows GSM mobiles to encrypt voice calls on-the-fly.

Released by Koolspan, the MicroSD card - known as a TrustChip - has its own RISC processor and firmware that allows a wide variety of GSM mobiles to conduct encrypted voice conversations.

Obviously both ends of the GSM mobile connection have to have TrustChips installed for the encryption stream to work, but the most interesting aspect of the system is that Koolspan claims that the technology will also work for mobile data.

According to a report over on the Inquirer, the system supports Windows Mobile, as well as Symbian smartphones, which suggests that the firmware on the card operates in a client-server mode with software that runs on the mobile.

The biggest question of all, however, is whether the US government will allow the 256-bit AES encryption technology to be exported to Britland.

Personally, I have my doubts, as it's going to be almost impossible to police a microSD card in its travels.

Mind you, you could always buy one in the US, slip it into your phone and bring it back with you...