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Microsoft releases Embedded Windows OS For GPS Devices

Microsoft has added yet another operating system to its already large OS family; one specifically designed to cater for the growing number of portable navigation devices that have appeared on the market.

Windows Embedded Navready 2009 is build on Windows CE (Consumer Edition) 5.0 and adds further enhancements like Bluetooth capabilities, Sideshow functionality - brought onboard from Vista, Live Search and MSN Direct technologies.

Rather surprisingly, Dial up networking is also on the feature list, which is strange given the fact that PND users are expected to be roaming and NavReady 2009 will be compatible only with ARM-based processors.

OEMs will be expected to build their own User Interfaces rather than use Windows' own environment.

PNDs also known as GPS devices are expected to grow globally by 72 percent in 2008 according to analyst firm, Canalys, with an expected 100 million units shipped by 2010.

Microsoft has also announced the 2009 release of Windows Embedded POSReady which targets stand alone Point of Sales.

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