Nokia Refocuses On Corporate Audience With E71 and E66 Smartphones

Nokia churns out new mobile phones faster than a love rabbit it seems; the E71 and the E66 are the two latest additions and they aim at capturing the high end of the market with a resolutely professional "work, no play" look and approach.

The E71 is a Blackberry like phone - which Nokia is claiming is the world's thinnest phone with a full QWERTY keyboard at 10mm thin - while the E66 is a slide-phone; both however present the same set of features; 8GB, S60 user interface, Quad-band, GPS, Wi-Fi, HSDPA, OVI services including Nokia Maps, a 3.2-megapixel Camera but no touchscreen.

Both are also optimised to manage emails since they support Microsoft Exchange natively as well as Nokia's Intellisync Wireless Email solution plus third party email solutions like System Seven and Visto Mobile.

Interestingly, the E71 and the E66 also comes ready with Integrated mobile VPN support which allows road warriors to access their company intranet and as an additional security feature, Nokia has also bundled in a "device lock and wipe" to protect data.